EQN Landmark: Time-Lapse #1 The Crane

Time-Lapse and screen-shots of one of my builds in EQN: Landmark a crane which is to be used in my future project of a harbor town.


5 4 3 2 1 6

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Starbound Builds Yggdrasil WIP

We’ve been streaming Starbound for a couple of days now, did our fair share of exploration and progression. My best intention was to not start any big project until the wipe happens. However it came to a point where we either not play Starbound or we started something knowing that we might lose it.

So below is our progress on our soon to be “giant” tree-house, the initial idea of the build was a quick tree to give access to a cloud city which I had great ideas for. However I got a little sidetracked with the tree so it turned into a now 30ish hour project.

We’ll be working on it in the streams to come until the wipe happens. Then we will either rebuild or start a new project. Most likely the later.


For a full-screen image check out this link: go here

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Our Minecraft Server and Build contest!




Minecraft Server

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday during our Evercast episode we announced our Everquest themed minecraft server, it is publicly available to anyone and we encourage the Everquest community to hop on and build their fantasies while we wait for Landmark.

How it works

The builds on the server need to fit into the Everquest Universe, that is about the only rule to what to build.

The server is publicly accessible to anyone, when you first join you will require an admin to assign you to a build site and set your permissions. This can be two things:
– 1. You find a spot in the world you would like to make you own, this means that it needs to fit the area and needs to be more than just a house.
– 2...

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The absense of Articles!

As many of you have noticed there hasn’t been many articles up since the first day, this is due to the fact that the first hotel had amazing internet where the second hotel claims they have internet but it just does not work 90% of the time. Uplaoding photo’s is a no go and half of the time I can’t navigate to any website. This means that I’ll be pushing the articles out retroactively when I get home, I really hate this as my entire goal is to do it during GamesCom.

Either way as proof at I’m doing serious business over here!


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GamesCom Day 0 and 1 Photo’s taken

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EverCast GamesCom Report: Day 0

Skip to the Everquest chapter if you want to skip all the side talk. Additionally if you are looking for new EQ Next data and already watched today’s Press Conference you will not find any additional information in this article, it is best to wait for the other daily reports!

Today the best time of the years started, no not Christmas it’s time for GamesCom. For the last 4 years I’ve been reporting on GamesCom in a none official capacity. And this year I’ll be bringing you what I hope to be loads of information regarding Everquest Next.

Who am I and what do I do

If you are visiting my website for the first time and are wondering who the hell is this guy. I’m Kalbuir (Robin) and I’m just a gamer and streamer, my one passion that drives me in online games is the community...

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Evercast Show Contest!

As many of you already know the last four weeks I’ve been closely involved in the Twitch.tv live show EverCast, sadly I could not be on camera during the second episode due to ISP troubles. Apparently its normal that they do maintenance at 4 AM in the normal, which is the time we usually record. We announced a pretty awesome contest see details below.


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The Hunger Battle: Royale revealed!

Hours ago we finally got to talk about our plans and progress on Arma 3 mod “The Hunger Battle: Royale”.  Below you can view the presentation as was held on stream, it was followed by a Q&A session which we’ll transcribe at a later point.

Presentation itself can be found here:
The presentation used during the live stream can be see below

Open Development
We are now official in open development meaning you can participate in the direction the project is moving, to discuss the mod or to ask questions we promote you to stop by on our forums: here

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Arma 3 Mod Hunger Battle: Royale Reveal!


This Saturday (3rd of August) at 16:00 CET we will be revealing our plans for the much anticipated Arma 3: “The Hunger Battle Royale”. While we’ve talked about this on stream a number of times never have we actually presented our actual plans and idea’s. The project has been moving at a great pace and we feel confident enough to take the next step.

This weekend we will be holding our first Alpha playtests off stream, in the coming weeks we will be moving to an accessible beta stage. However first things first: Saturday we will be holding a 30-45 minute presentation about our launch features for the mod and our plans for the future. Followed by a QA session with the developers. If you cannot make it, the presentation will be available through Youtube and Twitch VOD as well.

The presentatio...

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Blood Bowl: Kalorians make their first appearence


Out of Character:
So today we are trying something new, as some of you know or many of you do not know we will be starting a regular Blood Bowl league viewers and streamers. Most of the participants are new players or ones that haven’t played in years. However this gave me the inspiration to write some news articles regarding the league which will be covered from the perspective of Kadika, a new Blood Bowl reporting working for the Halfly Times. Once a Professional Blood Bowl player himself (for a day until he got his spine shattered) he will bring you news updates as they come in. Today I present you his first  article.

The team consists out of a players who’s names are inspired by my regular viewers, as the team grows more viewers will be added to the team! Also for those interested i...

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