Blood Bowl: Kalorians make their first appearence


Out of Character:
So today we are trying something new, as some of you know or many of you do not know we will be starting a regular Blood Bowl league viewers and streamers. Most of the participants are new players or ones that haven’t played in years. However this gave me the inspiration to write some news articles regarding the league which will be covered from the perspective of Kadika, a new Blood Bowl reporting working for the Halfly Times. Once a Professional Blood Bowl player himself (for a day until he got his spine shattered) he will bring you news updates as they come in. Today I present you his first¬† article.

The team consists out of a players who’s names are inspired by my regular viewers, as the team grows more viewers will be added to the team! Also for those interested in joining the league best to check out this.


In Character:


Heeeeellooooo Blood Bowl fans and unbelievers, I’m Kadika bringing you the latest developments in the “Stream Extreme Cup” after weeks of rumors about a potential new team making a first appearence into the Blood Bowl scene today we have the pleasure of announcing the Kalorians a Choas team which we know very little about.

However multiple reports already came in that the new team is supposedly responsible for the series of assassinations on star players who would have been participating in the league. Their coach Kalbuir Skirate was unavailable for comment however we did receive a comment from one of the teams Defenders by the name of Norsixa who claimed: “We are in it to kill it.” Most likely referencing to an event roughly 10 years ago where a Skaven team killed all the participants of the infamous Blood Bowl Unlimited league.

This speculation is further supported by the fact that the first public exhibition match of the team, Kalorians vs The Mighty Orcz, the match resulted in 5 players being dragged off the field by the first half, most unable to finish the game. Two of which are expected not to make a return this season where the Kalorians left the field almost untouched, only defender Oloko who suffered a sprained finger. For those who are worried Oloko tweeted minutes after the game that he is expected to make a full and speedy recovery. It is worth pointing out however that the Mighty Orcz still managed to win the game due to a touchdown forced at the end of the first half, after which the Choas team seemed uninterested in the ball for the remained of the match instead breaking bone after bone.

Interestingly enough the team only consists of Beastmen, a uncommon move for Choas teams which usually feature the towering Choas Warriors and Minotaur’s however rumor has it the team is currently still waiting for the release of 4 Choas Warriors out of a human prison camp.¬† Other rumors speculate on a contract being negociated for a promising new talented¬†Minotaur who we do not know the name of. Upon interview only the recruit only violently exclaimed: “HODOR HODOR!” We checked the vocabularies but we at the Halfly Times have no idea what HODOR HODOR is.

Other teams in the league better watch out, these guys might be out for more than just winning….



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