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The Hunger Battle: Royale revealed!

Hours ago we finally got to talk about our plans and progress on Arma 3 mod “The Hunger Battle: Royale”.  Below you can view the presentation as was held on stream, it was followed by a Q&A session which we’ll transcribe at a later point.

Presentation itself can be found here:
The presentation used during the live stream can be see below

Open Development
We are now official in open development meaning you can participate in the direction the project is moving, to discuss the mod or to ask questions we promote you to stop by on our forums: here

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Arma 3 Mod Hunger Battle: Royale Reveal!


This Saturday (3rd of August) at 16:00 CET we will be revealing our plans for the much anticipated Arma 3: “The Hunger Battle Royale”. While we’ve talked about this on stream a number of times never have we actually presented our actual plans and idea’s. The project has been moving at a great pace and we feel confident enough to take the next step.

This weekend we will be holding our first Alpha playtests off stream, in the coming weeks we will be moving to an accessible beta stage. However first things first: Saturday we will be holding a 30-45 minute presentation about our launch features for the mod and our plans for the future. Followed by a QA session with the developers. If you cannot make it, the presentation will be available through Youtube and Twitch VOD as well.

The presentatio...

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