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EverCast GamesCom Report: Day 0

Skip to the Everquest chapter if you want to skip all the side talk. Additionally if you are looking for new EQ Next data and already watched today’s Press Conference you will not find any additional information in this article, it is best to wait for the other daily reports!

Today the best time of the years started, no not Christmas it’s time for GamesCom. For the last 4 years I’ve been reporting on GamesCom in a none official capacity. And this year I’ll be bringing you what I hope to be loads of information regarding Everquest Next.

Who am I and what do I do

If you are visiting my website for the first time and are wondering who the hell is this guy. I’m Kalbuir (Robin) and I’m just a gamer and streamer, my one passion that drives me in online games is the community...

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Evercast Show Contest!

As many of you already know the last four weeks I’ve been closely involved in the live show EverCast, sadly I could not be on camera during the second episode due to ISP troubles. Apparently its normal that they do maintenance at 4 AM in the normal, which is the time we usually record. We announced a pretty awesome contest see details below.


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The Hunger Battle: Royale revealed!

Hours ago we finally got to talk about our plans and progress on Arma 3 mod “The Hunger Battle: Royale”.  Below you can view the presentation as was held on stream, it was followed by a Q&A session which we’ll transcribe at a later point.

Presentation itself can be found here:
The presentation used during the live stream can be see below

Open Development
We are now official in open development meaning you can participate in the direction the project is moving, to discuss the mod or to ask questions we promote you to stop by on our forums: here

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Blood Bowl: Kalorians make their first appearence


Out of Character:
So today we are trying something new, as some of you know or many of you do not know we will be starting a regular Blood Bowl league viewers and streamers. Most of the participants are new players or ones that haven’t played in years. However this gave me the inspiration to write some news articles regarding the league which will be covered from the perspective of Kadika, a new Blood Bowl reporting working for the Halfly Times. Once a Professional Blood Bowl player himself (for a day until he got his spine shattered) he will bring you news updates as they come in. Today I present you his first  article.

The team consists out of a players who’s names are inspired by my regular viewers, as the team grows more viewers will be added to the team! Also for those interested i...

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Cube World Server Created!


Today a bunch of the stream got the game Cube World, we got a server running 24/7 which is available by putting in as a server address. Come hang out on stream in the next couple of days and feel free to join the server.

We do ask however not to join with insanely high level players, we had some 500+ / 1000+ power level players completely ruining the difficulty of the game. Obviously this is not a wanted situation. The server can support up to 40 players currently but this is software capped we could increase it when needed to a max of 255.

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Thank you! (Awesome Viewers are Awsome!)

This is a news entree dedicated to my viewers, no matter if you’re here for a few days or for month. The support, kind words and dedication I’ve been receiving from all of you the past few months has been amazing. I can’t say enough that it doesn’t matter how you support the stream, it is all appreciated equally.

Before Defiance launched I had 15 stable viewers with some very dedicated viewers! The two weeks of Defiance launch were absolutely amazing with a peek to 900 viewers. I learned a lot about streaming that period and it reinforced my goal to build more than just a stream. A community, a place to make friends but most of all a place to enjoy and share games together.

A few weeks after Defiance an average viewer base of 30+ / 40+ was held for a period of time, however due to streami...

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Viewer score implemented (Beta)!

As is pretty obvious when clicking around on the website, it is far from finished at the moment but today I am happy to push out a major feature I’ve been planning for a while now: Viewer Score.

What is viewer score
By watching the stream and participating in chat the viewers will from now on obtain points these points will be summarized on this page. What we will be doing with these points is currently still being thought of  and planned but eventually I would like to allow viewers to spend their points on “products” virtual (maybe none virtual).

After we end the beta stage we will also move on to extra give-aways (besides our normal ones) which will go to the people who rank the highest in various categories of the score...

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