Some of you have indicated you were looking to help support my stream and other online endeavors, those of you who wish to do so can use the below pitchinbox to securely wire money to my paypal account. Donations will be used to upgrade my gear, highest on the priority list at the moment is a new professional microphone.

Thanks to your generous donations I have been able to buy a second streaming card enabling me to start making proper youtube video’s soon. This is pending an overhaul of my new streaming setup which still has to be assembled.

If you have gifts on Steam or Keys for Games or Alpha’s you would like me to give away on steam I’d be happy to receive them. You can contact me on If you prefer to gift me a game and want to see me playing this is fine with me as well.

If you have a game you want me to stream you can also gift it to me, but make known that your intention is for me to stream it.

A big thank you to all our past contributors a full list can be found here