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Minecraft Server

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday during our Evercast episode we announced our Everquest themed minecraft server, it is publicly available to anyone and we encourage the Everquest community to hop on and build their fantasies while we wait for Landmark.

How it works

The builds on the server need to fit into the Everquest Universe, that is about the only rule to what to build.

The server is publicly accessible to anyone, when you first join you will require an admin to assign you to a build site and set your permissions. This can be two things:
– 1. You find a spot in the world you would like to make you own, this means that it needs to fit the area and needs to be more than just a house.
– 2. The second option is  temporary plot on the ocean, when your done building an admin will move your house to a fitting spot that we are creating in the world (of course with permission and negotiation with you).

Our goal is to make the server feel like a world not just a bunch of builds put together. We hope to see you on the server!

How to connect:

The server IP to use is: minecraft.kalbuir.com

The server requires you to use version 1.6.2, this because the server software isn’t at a stable release yet for the latest minecraft server. This means you need to open up your Minecraft launcher, hit “Edit Profile” and then set the option “Use Version” before you can connect. If you do not do this you will get the error “Server out of date” while connecting.

Also see screenshot below:



We also have a contest planned for the server giving out great prizes! Build something fantastic on our server and enter your build before Friday the 18th by sending your Minecraft name to evercast.show@gmail.com.  We will go over all the builds the 19th and announce the winners on our next Evercast show on the 20th, which will be our Halloween episode!

First prize:  The games in Serious Sam Complete Pack AND Portal 2

If there are more than 10 entree’s we will also hand out 2nd and 3rd prices:
Second prize: The game Monaco
Thrid prize: The games in Commando’s Collection

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